Accountability for an Accountabilibuddy

As previously stated, this blog is not quite focused yet, but an 8-day challenge is underway, so this is happening… (Please keep reading, there’s a plea for help at the end!)

In the process of emptying my brain in search of a topic to write about today, I kept staring at my site’s name: My Accountabilibuddy. This name was born out of the fact that I had finally figured out a way to stick to my workout plan…REAL accountability from a caring friend. So I made up a little business that took a page from that idea and it was the first project Seth Godin helped me to ship. (I even used his Ship It Journal to do it!) It was a great experience and I learned a TON, but I realized that the work of holding others accountable for their health and fitness goals wasn’t quite the same as when I did it with my dear friend – it was almost like providing therapy sessions. Not my thing. So I made a conscious choice to let that project go, and I can honestly say I have no regrets about it. I picked a project and it didn’t turn out to be something I loved. It happens. Next project. (As of today, this entire blog is as it was when my biz was active. I would like to publicly acknowlege that this theme is horrific.)

I see something worth saving in that name that could make a change in the world, but I haven’t quite teased it out yet. The very fact that I am sitting here typing this right now is proof of the power of accountability; I’m doing this because I am accountable to my tribe of Ruckusmakers. I told them I’d do it and so I must. That’s some powerful stuff, if it can be harnessed.

So here’s are my questions for you…

  • How have the people in your life held you accountable?
  • What strategies have you used for accountability on the things that matter? (Preferably ones that worked!)

Anything you can share would be very appreciated as I work to define this new side project.


2 thoughts on “Accountability for an Accountabilibuddy

  1. My Accountabilibuddies (YOU and many others) hold me accountable by ASKING! “Hey – How’s [your project] going?” “Why haven’t you done what you set out to do?” I find it works best for me when we are both holding each other accountable to something.

    Also, I like setting up time with a fellow Accountabilibuddy to work in the same space for a designated period of time helps. Meet at a coffee shop for 2 hours and work side by side. You can keep each other from getting distracted, etc. You share your goal for that 2 hours with each other in the beginning and report out at the end. Or make plans to run together… go to yoga together… whatever it is – harder to slack off when you’ve committed to someone else!

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